Be you!

No one can ever make you feel bad unless you allow them to.’ This is one of my favourite quotes.

You are the only one who can ruin your day, your mood and your whole life. No one has the power to make you feel bad, you’re the one who takes their word for it and you allow it to get to you.You alone can make your life worth while by doing things that make you happy. It’s totally possible to spend your life in happiness just by not letting people speak negatively in your life. People do speak, but it takes you to interpret their words in your life and decide how to take it. Always be optimistic and you’ll totally enjoy your life. Life is too short to be lived in fear, distress and belittling yourself, always see yourself as a champion, a victor and the most amazing person that ever lived.

And remember, you alone are the author of your own life, so write it as you would want to live it!

My very first time

So as i was getting ready for bed, a thought just came in to my mind, ‘you’ll never know until you try” and still, i found myself contemplating on whether i should do it, ‘would i be good enough?’ ‘Is this for me?‘ ‘Am i even ready?’ ‘What if..’ all these unanswered questions kept me paralysed to the point i didn’t know what to do .

After all this, one thought kept me, ‘you’ll never know how good you are until you try.‘ I had been thinking for a very long time on whether i should share my stories to the outside world, it had been mine and mine alone for a very long time, and today, i found the courage to share with others what inspires my world.

Now its time to let my guard down. So what if my very first time won’t be that good or amazing, I’ll just keep on trying and trying till I get it right, ‘Is this for me?’ If not me, then who? ‘Will i be good enough?’ Now I’ll just have to do what makes me happy, bearing in mind they’re others too.

Now I’m encouraged to share with the world everything, after all, ‘do what makes you happy, sweetheart‘ i whisper and pat myself on the back.